Newsman Nyhetscafe - English

Newsman was established in the year 1990, in an age where the World Wide Web had just been invented and smart phones were still unknown inventions of a distant future. Here we make sure that the latest news is always at your fingertips and we have a selection of fresh Norwegian newspapers. The latest’s sports events and Premier League matches are always running on our TV.

We are pleased to welcome you to an all license bar, with a variety of meals available for the hungry reader. Please have look at our Bar menu. We have a great selection of draft beer, we also offer delicious coffee and homemade cocktails and we are fortunate to have an amazing staff.

Our outdoor serving area, called “Luftegaarden” by our patrons, is open all year round with overhead heating and warm blankets available to keep you warm on the coldest of days. Of course, we do offer wireless in- ternet free of charge to our guests. WELCOME.